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Project: LCC Infotech Office, Mumbai

Client: LCC Infotech Ltd.

This project was an office interior work planned to function as a branch office for LCC’s Mumbai operations. The interior conceived for this rectangular shaped office was fairly straight forward with creation of executive cubicles on one side and staff area on the opposite side culminating in to senior managements cabin at the fag end of the space. Due to availability of good height a mezzanine floor was created for storage to maximize the use of limited space. The senior management cabin had abundant natural light which percolated to other areas as well through its glazed cabins thus reducing the dependence on artificial lights. The challenge to optimize and maximize the use of the space has been addressed aptly.

For this project all interactions from conceptualizing to finalization of the scheme happened with the Managing Director of LCC Infotech Ltd. The project was delivered as per the aspirations and expectations of the client in respect to the design output and scheduled time.